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CRM Enterprise Solution takes a new turn for small and medium business to newer heights with software vendors competing in small and medium business (SMB) space.
CRM Enterprise Solution for small and medium business
  CRM News Alert  
  Our research team came across a new open source CRM tool called SPlendidCRM (powered by SugarCRM)
this is great open source CRM software which can run on MS SQL, MySQL on Windows and Linux and worth downloading
and evaluating if it meets your needs. They also have downloadable plug-in for Outlook to sync with your emails.
Check out at www.SplendidCRM.com - A great free tool for small and medium business.

CRM Vendors High Level Feature Comparisons

NetSuite MS Dynamics CRM Salesforce.Com ERP Interprise Suite Right Now Technologies Sugar CRM Siebel
NetSuite provides a collection of software tools to manage nearly everything a business does, from accounting and payroll to e-commerce and publishing.
CRM is one of the firm's signature offerings.

Those tools, which handle
sales, marketing, and
customer support, can
be purchased separately
from, say, accounting
tools. But the company's
strong suit is the breadth
of its software operations
and its ability to integrate
all of those functions into
a single system.

NetSuite is best known for
its easy-to-use dashboard
interface. Its CRM features
make it easy for marketers
to monitor and fine-tune their search-engine marketing efforts with a tool
that tracks keywords and
leads, from click to sale.

NetSuite Small Business is geared specifically toward companies with 20 or fewer
The software giant's
product for sales, support,
and marketing. It's a
licensed product that you
install on your own servers
rather than access on
the Web.

Dynamics CRM appears
as a folder in Outlook,
and for many users it will
seem like it's another
part of Microsoft Office.
That means staffers will
need less training-often
the bane of CRM implementation.
The system is
especially good at managing
contacts and creating
account information.

Microsoft is new to
CRM and is still working
to catch up to its rivals.
For instance, there is not
yet a sales-commission
management tool.


Salesforce.com is the
original hosted CRM tool.
Over the years, it has ex:
landed from sales force
automation to handle
customer service, marketing,
and more.

It's flexible. The software's latest version lets you customize the
way data appears on your screen. Another new feature lets you slide
your mouse over a contact
name and bring up a pop-up screen filled with data such as current deals in process and service call status. The company also has established the AppExchange, a directory
of more than 400 applications that integrate with and extend the
capabilities of Salesforce.
com (as well as other applications).

ERP Software provides basic CRM integrated capabilities within their ERP software.

The basic version is built into the product, they have their advanced CRM capabilities as an Add-on module.
Interprise Suite CRM is a fully functional FREE CRM package for small and medium business.


RightNow started out as
a Web-based customer
service application, but
has added marketing and
sales tools, becoming a
full-fledged CRM application.
The company's
strong focus
on support means
it has added interactive
response and
analytics, and also
has developed its
own professional
services team to help
businesses figure out how
best to use its products.
A tool that lets you
automate responses to
customer inquiries, no
matter where they come
from-the Web, e-mail,
or telephone. Knowledge
management tools keep
your entire staff up to
date on what's going on
with all of your customers;
in other words, you'll
know not to make a sales
call to a client who just
spent an hour screaming
at a customer service rep.
A Web-based library
of more than 100 opensource
CRM products
that visitors can sample
and download for free.
The site is sponsored
by SugarCRM, a leading
open-source CRM
provider (see "Something
for Nothing," November

The exchange is a perfect
way for CRM shoppers to
get a sense of the range
of free, open-source products
available. Among the
offerings: reporting tools
to analyze
data; contact
tracking software;
tools to boost
the efficiency
of phonebased
service operations.

Siebel helped invent
CRM software, and is
the largest company in
the market today. (Last
January, it was acquired
by Oracle, which also
owns CRM firms PeopleSoft
and J.D. Edwards.)

Siebel systems have great
customer service tools,
including a feature that
automatically routes calls
to the support person
withthe most appropriate
skills, rather than just the
next one in line. Siebel
CRM On Demand also has
strong data-reporting capabilities
make it easier to
track sales
What's Cool about them?
NetSuite's free e-mail support
can take up to a week
to respond to questions,
so you may need to pay
for a support pain,
MS CRM 3.0 has improved quite a lot and is seamlessly integrated with MS Outlook and has good User Interface. Salesforce.com remains
best at what its name
Implies: managing sales.
It's not as good at things
like customer support
and marketing.
ERP CRM and Advanced CRM is integrated with its ERP solution automating your tasks and events and much more.. Interprise Suite CRM has 1 user FREE license of its product, worth trying it. RightNow's customer
base is now more than
50 percent large companies,
and its software
really isn't meant for
companies with less than
$50 million in sales. It can
be difficult for small firms,
with small IT departments,
to manage.
Awesome Opensource CRM download their eval version.
Because it's stocked
exclusively with opensource
products, the
pickings can be thin
in some categories;
only one application
is available, for example,
in list management.
Implementing the software
could require
some in-house technical
On Demand lacks
some of the features
common in
other applications, such
as real-time alerts to let
sales and support staff
respond immediately
when a prospect has
a question.


S499 per month,
plus S99 per user per
The Small Business
Edition, designed
for companies with fewer
than 50 employees, runs
$440 to $499 per user
and $528 to $599 per
server. The Professional
edition costs $622 to
$880 per user and
$1,244 to $1,761 per
server. Both versions include
a year of support
and maintenance.
The Team Edition
(maximum of five users)
starts at $995 a year.
The Unlimited Edition
starts at $195 per user
per month.
N/A 1 user = FREE Starts at $52 per
user per month (two-year
commitment required)

$70 per user per month


Source: INC. Magazine published Exclusive Annual report edition, we have added ERP and Interprise Suite ERP application since they are competitors to NetSuite product for detailed CRM comparisons
Our Comments
N/A Pretty roboust and integrated into their MS Office and MS Outlook. Salesforce the drive behind the SAAS model their custom objects interface helps to customize other application around it, but lags total integrated software approach. Very limited functionality and their extended app costs more dollars for your budget, but it is integrated solution. Interprise Suite CRM a separate stand alone for business owners later could be upgraded to their full blown Std or Advanced ERP edition. N/A Free Opensource CRM application, covers the breadth and depth of an CRM application, needs technical assistance in setting up. N/A
Note: All features and pricing are subject to change please refer respective websites to get additional information from their sale representatives. All materials provided on this site is purely for informational purpose, contact your business consultant for reviewing software features and prices.
Note: All Company and Product names mentioned here are trademarks of the respective owners. We have showcased it here as ERP solutions for SMB market.
InfoSourcing posses necessary skills and knowledge to provide custom solution for this software's and we are also engaged with few software vendors as their beta candidates.

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