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Our Services offered to LouieLighting:
  • Backend Operations

  • Book Keeping

  • Customized Solution

  • Web Services


  • News Case Studies

    Louie Lighting focus benefits by outsourcing its backend operations

    BPO Outsourcing and web solutions services a must to reduces your expenses and increase your profitsWe found InfoSourcing to be very professional, responsive, and met our project requirements in a timely manner. Our project was rather complex and involved back end processing of our accounting and book-keeping.

    InfoSourcing jumped in and plugged in our Inventory, Accounting, Sales and purchase process, they customized our ERP solution ERP and helped us to understand and take better control of automation, which allowed us to outsource our daily book keeping activities.

    Owner Arie Louie says, "InfoSourcing business associates are very knowledgeable and they helped us to setup our business process and guide us in right direction..."

    By outsourcing our backend operations, we save time and material on resource management and purely focus on core business retail and web operations. It allows us to increase our marketing budget and to try new avenues to serve our customers.


    • Company LouieLighting Inc
    • Arie Louie, founder and principal designer at Arie Designs, was awarded for the lighting designs for two Scottsdale businesses.
    • LouieLighting saved 30-40% of its cost in book-keeping, accounting and web services by outsourcing to InfoSourcing.
    • Louie Lighting, Inc. a Scottsdale, AZ, lighting design studio located in Phoneix, Arizonaa is recognized in lighting industry for their design, winning more than twenty International Illumination Design Awards.
    •  Founded in 1993, the company has a staff of five that provides expert advice on product selection and focuses on customer satisfaction.
    • E-tailer LouieLighting 's website
    • Arie Louie's lighting design website

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