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 Business Process Outsourcing
Outsource your work to us and free up your time for core businessBusiness process Outsourcing (BPO) provides business owners to offshore all of its trivial time consuming tasks to faster, economical environment where you can take advantage of world economy and invest that remaining capital in Web promotion for higher returns.

InfoSourcing provides end-to-end solution for small and medium business owners to offshore their book keeping activities. We are providing such services for  customers using ERP Software and Interprise Suite, we are also actively looking at providing similar services for other software products too

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 I a. Book Keeping/Accounting

  • Vendor payments and reconciliation with statement (both credit card and faxing CC authorization forms)
  • Accounting for vendor credits
  • Sales tax returns
  • Generating MIS/Financial statements that are required
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Printing (into PDF) and Posting of journals
  • Voiding checks
  • General journal entries for dividends, transfer entries, lease
    payments, payroll entries, bank charges, applying miscellaneous
  • Process consulting to train/educate/solve user queries with regard
    to day-to-day operations on a need basis.
  • Process improvements for better ways of using ERP for an activity
  • General process improvements

 I b. Operations

  • Processing Sales Order (SO's)
  • Creating and faxing Purchase Orders (PO's)
  • Follow up on POs without order confirmation
  • RGA Requests (both customer and vendor)
  • Update of shipment tracking info to SO
  • Capture of funds/authorization on SO's
  • Converting Purchase Order to Purchase Receipts (PO to PR)
  • Ensuring that all transactions have back up papers in terms of copies of sent faxes; copies of invoices etc
  • Statements for on account customers
  • MIS on lead time for supplies, RGA requests, back orders etc
  • Resolving issues with vendors such as double billing, short shipment, rate difference et cetera.
  • Maintaining complete repository of all communication with customer/vendor including copies of sent faxes, emails, faxes received
  • Maintaining time logs of employees
  • Preparing payroll - including commission reports, leave logs

 I c. Ad-Hoc

  • Product/price list updates
  • Custom queries/reports
  • Creating and faxing credit reference requests based on references received from new customers
  • Image Optimization for Web products

 II. Business Process Consulting

    We do remote consultation in order to understand your business needs, suitably propose workaround's and prepare work flow's that automate your business from bricks to clicks.

    Our experienced consultants will be able to integrate all your business needs from Sales process, Inventory management, Assembly & manufacturing practices to E-commerce.
 Comparison of In-House Vs Outsourcing Book Keeping

 In House Accountant Expenses


 Remote Hire/BPO Cost

In House accountant to be hired and below expense to be taken care.
  • Paid Salary
  • Office Infrastructure
  • Medical & Health Benefits
  • Taxes & 401K plans
  • Hardware & Software Investments
  • Holidays & Vacations downtime

    Salary Range: $3,000 to $5,000.00
     Other Supportive Expenses: $2,500.00
    (like office infrastructure etc)

    Total: $5000-7000 (Avg)

  •   Outsourcing partner to be sourced with monthly payment for the above listed services

  • You pay your Outsourcing partner and we will take care of everything
  •  BPO Rates: $25-$55 per hour
    (Based on your ERP requirements)

    50-60% Savings
    (based on existing customers data)

     Outsourcing Process
    We first undertake a system/process study for each aspect of operations that would be transitioned to us.  We then map the process to activities (manual and in the system), persons responsible and SLA for each. The path for handling exceptions is detailed. Lastly, we identify what is required to actualize the process.

    All procedures are documented and submitted to client for approval.

    For example, a vendor payment process may be broken down into an eFax number/email ID to which vendors fax/email invoices, the process of verifying whether the invoice is to be paid (comparison with rate on PO, checking of tracking number/delivery receipt/service, verifying quantities billed Vs ordered etc).

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