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Pay Per Call Strategy

Pay-Per-Call (PPCall) model is once again re-invented to boost small and medium business to take advantage of internet surfers, the new model allows business owners to advertise on search engine but this time allowing shoppers to dial in through 1-800-XXX-XXXX(toll free) numbers and complete the transaction.


Pay Per Call Model - PPCall

The Ingenio PPCall system and other companies have taken a giant leap over this new model by devising a mechanism to allow business owners to bid on certain keywords on search engines and display the results with calling numbers that will be re-routed to your business and charge per call based on the highest bid amount.

Overview of Pay Per Call Model

Pay Per Call is mix of old and new concepts, the hybrid solution mixes the latest internet search technology and the good old telephone marketing to increase your sales.

Small business owners are constantly looking out to advertise in their space, they could make use of this new model with a conservative approach, "pay as they call", thus bringing value to their bucks.

Generating the Revenue - ROI factor

Return on Investment is key in any marketing/advertising campaign, your ROI is the most popular metric when you need to compare the attractiveness of one business investment with another.

Calculate ROI for keyword performance by identifying…

  • How many visitors convert into sales
  • What keyword phrases generate your sales
  • What keyword phrases DON'T generate your sales

Consider you are in mortgage company located in San Francisco and advertised for "Mortgage San Francisco" keyword and bidding let's say $2.00 per call.

Click here to view Pay Per Call real life scenario on AOL search

Pay Per Call providers



Direct Call Model

With innovative technology you can turn your website into direct sales, with click of a mouse button.
If your website is listed high in search results organically then consider to implement direct Call model, where the shopper/visitor will punch in their telephone number and submit online, allowing the sales person to contact immediately to the number you provided.

Example: Screen shot showing how you could allow shoppers/visitors to call your sales line

Click here to view contact us page of Aptela




Organic Search Result Solution

As PPCall strategy starts to gain momentum, it would be another blow to all business owners to position their website in top 10 spots on organic search results.

SERP Solution: It would be wise to add telephone numbers in the title tag for contact us page, thus allowing search engine to display your telephone numbers for direct calls and avoid Pay Per Call listings.

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