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What is Technical Writing?

Technical WritingTechnical writing is designing, writing, and organizing documents to deliver clear and consistent technical information. A well-written technical information can reduce human error, ease transition to a new system or process, and reduce training and support costs. The key to writing a good technical document is to use a professional experienced technical writer or writing team.

What is a Technical Writer?
A technical writer is one who is trained in the art of presenting detailed technical information in a user-friendly fashion. Technical writers are specialized in communications, writing, usage of tools and has earned a degree in
English, Technical Communications, or a similar program.

In addition, each technical writer needs to keep their current knowledge of changing technology and stays current with industry trends.

What kind of technical writing does one handle?
Technical writing could be anything from software, hardware, policies and any nature of technical information that needs to be covered in form of manuals, guidelines, handbooks etc.

Types of technical information:

  • Employee Handbooks
  • Manuals
    • Policy Manuals
    • Reference Manuals
    • Policies and Procedures Manuals
  • Guides
    • Administrator's Guide
    • Programming Guides
    • Installation Guides
    • User Guides
    • Getting Started Guides
    • Implementation Guides
    • Software Development Guides
    • Style Guides
  • ISO documentation
  • Statement of Direction
  • Online Help
  • Software Product Release Notes

What can a technical writer do for you?
Technical writer can assist your team in documenting the technical aspect of how your product performs or how an activity is conducted.  The writer can help end users to understand how to operate or execute designated functions.  The types of technical writing services include

  • Documenting to produce guides, manuals, handbooks
  • Re-write of original documents
  • Editing of documents
  • Proof reading

    Latest trend in technical writing
    Technical writers are involved in the early stages of development allowing them to understand the end users.  This enables them to address user requirements through the persona approach. To read more about persona documentation, click here

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