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ERP Software For Small And Medium BusinessThe All New Interprise Suite Ver 6.0

Interprise Suite Ver 6.0 is fully integrated ERP software for small and medium busness, it integrates every department of your growing Company and it's needs so you just need one software to run your entire business.

Read about integrated features, pricing, technical specs, plugins, implementation plans, all you needed to know from single source. InfoSourcing authorized reseller of Interprise Suite since 2006.

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Integrated Accounting


Customer Relation Management - CRM


The Interprise Suite Accounting Module features the most advanced accounting principles such as a multi-segmented general ledger, extensive transaction history and comprehensive budgeting.

Audit trailing has been simplified even more and you have virtually unlimited financial reporting capabilities.Read more about accounting features

The CRM module creates a world where data / information flows in and out freely from all the other various Interprise Suite modules.

As soon as an order is placed, an invoice is paid, or a shipment is fulfilled that information is immediately reflected in CRM giving your sales team up to date activities, opportunities and marketing results.

Companies can rely on Interprise Suite's CRM Module's powerful yet simple to use functions. Read more about CRM features

Inventory Management - Multi location


Supplier Management


Managing inventory and keeping stock at optimum levels is one of the foremost considerations in the supply chain. Keeping track of what needs to be replenished, needs to be adjusted and sold right away are just a few of the tasks that must be accomplished with caution and accuracy.

Now experience superior inventory management when experiencing Interprise Suite.Read more about Inventory features


With the Interprise Suite Supplier Module, your business will have complete control of your inventory for efficient processing of purchase related functions.

Designed around a supplier-centric approach and fully integrated with the rest of the application, the supplier module brings all supplier and vendor related information together into one convenient location. Read more about Supplier features

Ecommerce - State of the art Shopping Cart


Point Of Sale - POS


One affordable, completely integrated solution now provides accurate real time data throughout your organization as well as to your customers.
Interprise Suite eCommerce module manages Website and Shopping carts while still in complete control of your CRM, inventory and suppliers with the ability to produce real time accounting reports. Read more about Ecommerce features


Interprise Suite now provides a fully integrated point-of-sale (POS) module delivering the ability to manage business operations conducted in the backend, web store and the retail stores.

Designed for various retail and wholesale operations the InterpriseTouch POS can be configured to meet almost any business's retail needs. Read more about Point of Sale features


Banking - Integrated eBanking too


Shipping - In real time


With the integrated banking system of Interprise Suite, all payment and bank transaction routines, even those from the other modules, are brought together into one central location. Read more about banking features

Which ever carrier your company chooses to utilize, we have made it easy to customize carrier account(s) into Interprise Suite.

Through our free SDK you now have the freedom to plugin your carriers and customize Interprise Shipping to your specific shipping needs. Read more about Shipping features

Reports - Pre-defined reports & you can Customize too


Business Intelligence Dashboard

Business Intelligence

Reports have always been an indispensable tool for business decision makers to make well informed business decisions. The ability to produce accurate and timely reports is like having a crystal ball in hand showing you what lies ahead and giving indications on what courses to take.


The Business Intelligence designer was developed to help you analyze your data in a clear and concise way.

Through the use of a Microsoft Excel style pivot grid, the Business Intelligence tool allows you to group and rearrange data on the fly, allowing you to group data into meaningful metrics. Read more about Business Intelligence features

System Manager - Customize the whole software

System Manager

SDK & Developer Tools - Get CreativeSDK


The need for a flexible and easily modifiable application was an understood goal of ours when designing Interprise Suite. The Interprise Suite System Manager was developed in a way that allows you to customize the application without requiring any programming skills. Read more about


Software Development Kit readily available from Interprise makes it even easier for developers to create plugin's, add new functionality and extend the power of Interprise beyond its boundaries and helps you integrate with other systems. Read more about.



Interprise Suite ERP Software Screenshots

Click the image and see the Interprise screenshot in action. Click next and previous to navigate the screeshot slides.



On Cloud Pricing Perptual Licensing
  • Basic, Pro and Enterprise
  • Basic starts at $59 per user per mth
  • Pro starts at $79 per user per mth
  • Enterprise starts at $99 per user per mth
  • Cloud hosting
  • ECommerce website additional $10 per mth
  • Support Inclusive
  • Approved plugins only
  • $995 Per User License
  • E-Commerce and Multi-websites included
  • Full blown ERP version
  • First yr Maintenance included
  • $45 per user per mth Support and Maintenance
  • Custom Plugin can be deployed
  • EDI and other 3rd party integrations
For detailed Cloud pricing click here 

Technical Specs



Interprise Advantages

ERP Software Interprise Suite is the first hybrid solution that works in your LAN environment and On the Cloud at the same time, so you can work in your office or be away from office and still be in control of what's happenging in your business and staying connected.
Interprise Suite uses Web services to connect remote workers and works seamlessly with your backend database and this gives you an opportunity to use Interprise on Hosted environment in SaaS model or buy licensed version and run it in-house or on dedicated server at ISP location.
Product Development
Built on Microsoft .NET (VB, C#) technologies with latest .Net framework 4.0 supporting latest MS SQL version along with run time DevExpress components and eCommerce built on .Net platform and Silverlight technologies for POS interfaces along with mobile and tablet skins.
SQL Server Interprise latest version 6.0 uses SQL 2008 for its database.
Interprise Suite can be used with MS SQL Express the free version but it should be noted that, dependant on your volume of data and usage, you may need to invest in full blown SQL 2005/8. For 5 Users the SQL Express version should be fine but even at this level we make no guarantees due to SQL Express limitations.
Server Hardware Specs

Good Specs:
Core i7, 12GB RAM, 2x500GB HDDs, Windows 2003 STD 64 bit, 50GB R1 Soft CDP

Better Specs:
Xeon 5620, 12GB RAM, 2x500GB HDDs, Windows 2003 STD 64 bit, 50GB R1 Soft CDP (** Recommended specs for your hardware pls check with your hosting provider)
Workstation Specs Workstations will need Windows XP Pro/ Vista / Windows 7 and have at least 6Gb free disk space and be a minimum of P4 or preferably Dual Core Processors (Not Celeron) with a minimum 2Gb Ram. The speed of the application will depend on the processor and ram like any .Net application. Workstation screen resolution of 1250 x 1024 or better is also recommended but not essential when using the product.
Internet Connectivity

Use a traditional Fileserver at your offices and the users at the office access Interprise (plus your other applications) over the LAN. Any remote workers or branches access the system over the Internet using web services. For this to work you will need a decent Internet connection at the office.

Report Engine

Built-in report engine, allows you to create new reports, design reports and use them as you go, no need for any special software ot components to purchase.



Our Plugins


ECommerce 360

Ecommerce 360 Interprise Plugin

Multi-Channel Marketing

Product Feeds

One platform to run your Ecommerce business, the new Ecommerce 360 plugin packs all our plugins into one interface to manage your SEO, Shopping Feeds, Market place (eBay, Amazon), Social Media and Google Analytics, a total 360 degree view of your eBusiness. Read more ...

  • SEO Dashboard
  • Shopping Feeds
  • Marketplace - Ebay
  • Google Analytics and
  • Social media

OneStopFeed offers product feeds to price comparison shopping engines such as Google Shopping, Bing Shopping and

Increase your traffic and sales by submitting optimized product feeds directly from Interprise Suite. Read more about Shopping Feeds ...




Foundation Package

Basic/Advanced Package

Product Feeds
Basic Packages is best suited for Companies migrating from simpler systems to Interprise Suite with limited business process and basic data import/exports to get them started with their ERP experience
Our advanced package takes care of your existing business process, data import/export, configurations for multi-location or multi-websites and ensuring your users are trained and ready to use the system.
Design Concept Implementation Concept
One size doesn't fit all so we have introduced the Design concept (or prototype) during which we work with your team/Company and get sample data and map, test and demo Interprise, so you get to see what it looks like and how you will manage your day-day operations, once we figure this out then we can go ahead and start wortking on live. Design Concept is our first step towards Implementation, during the design concept we would have identified the time taken, effort level to migrate your data, configure your Company settings and business work flow procedure and start to configure them in Interprise and start implementing those changes and get you live.
$1495 $: Based on your data/business process

Our Customers

  • QuilterWarehouse ERP ERP Migration
  • Hips And Curves e-Commerce Customization
  • Massage Elements - eCommerce Customization
  • PowerBright - ERP ERP Migration
Case Studies: ERP Implementation examples

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