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InfoSourcing will bring industry experience and necessary tools for business owners to take advantage of using some of the free tools that are available for optimizing your website.

SEO tools

  • Keyword density tool (link to SEO Chat)
  • Keyword Optimizer Tool (link to SEO chat)
  • Google Sitemap

    GOOGLE Sitemap

    Google® recently launched a new web service called Google® SiteMaps to allow Googlebot's (Google's Webbot) to crawl web sites that are submitted to their engines. It allows developers, business owners and webmasters to take advantage by submitting URLs to Google's spider for faster indexing of links and pages of their website.

    Overview of Google SiteMaps

    Google's web bot known as "Googlebot" can find every keyword on your webpage, it conducts cyclic visits to your website and grabs all content and indexes based on algorithm, which determines the PR, page rank of your web pages.
    Upon spidering the website Googlebot returns once in 45 days to update and check your updates. Google indexes all your existing pages and updates are made to reflect your PR (Page Ranking). If you have added new pages to your website make sure to edit or recreate your XML file and re-submit to Google sitemaps online.

    Generating the Websitemap.xml File

    To generate a sitemap identify the links that are necessary to be exposed to search engines and those pages which are targeted for surfers. 

    Sitemap Online Generators: (third party providers)

  • Sitemapspal
  • PortalApp Generator

    For more information on Google Sitemap website visit

    (Please note this information is collected and re-written from various websites including Google's sitemap home page and is meant to educate business owners and developers to help them to improve their search engine ranking)

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    Harsha Sarjapur is co-founder of InfoSourcing Inc, devoted to providing outsourcing solution to small and medium business. He is tech-savvy in the field of product and project management with a patent pending in search engine optimization for e-commerce websites.  He can be reached at

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