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Our approach

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Process and techniques

We are different from other SEO providers, we provide end-to-end solution as we understand web design, development, enterprise solutions, search engine optimization and marketing techniques making every project a success from bricks to clicks.

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Documentation Process

The Info Sourcing documentation model facilitates the development and delivery of structured documentation and web solutions.

Our process includes the following steps:

1. Project scoping and cost estimation Our web designers and lead writers will work with your team to understand your requirements and scope the project. This includes activities to:

  • Understand in depth the nature of deliverables being requested
  • Define the project time line
  • Arrive at a comprehensive cost estimation for the deliverables
    As a part of the project scoping exercise, Info Sourcing provides complete confidentiality. Info Sourcing will also sign NDA/confidentiality agreements as may be appropriate.

2. Development of deliverable Once you have agreed to the project terms and costs, we start development which is often an iterative process. Our off-site team will perform the following functions:

  1. Documentation development project:
    1. Understanding of the product/solution that is the subject of the documentation. This includes working with the product from a user perspective to learn about the product and interacting with your development team as and when required.
    2. Possible interaction with your customers to understand the audience and how your customers use the product.
    3. Provide outlines and templates that will define the structure of  the deliverables. These outlines and templates are the basis for the deliverables and require client approval.
  2. Web solutions project:
    1. Understand the audience for web solutions.
    2. Provide a framework with appropriate graphics, links and alternatives to the web design
  3. Generate the deliverable - Initially a rough draft of the content and the deliverable will be provided for review, followed by one or more drafts that incorporate review comments.
  4. Client sign off – The draft is deemed final once the client signs off on the deliverable. All deliverables are provided in appropriate electronic formats.

3. Continued support post-delivery - Once the final draft is signed off,  the client is entitled to request changes and minor modifications within a period of  30 days. Info Sourcing can also at this point in the process provide continued maintenance of the deliverable past 30 days as part of a project extension. Info Sourcing is dedicated to providing continued support as may be needed.

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