Our drive for Passion and excellence sets apart from the rest, keeping your business in mind.

We consult Small, Medium and Large Business.

We are focused on SMB (Small and Medium) business in retail, wholesale, distribuation, mail order and ecommerce Companies. If you are looking for integrated business solutions or thinking of integrating your business operations to improve overall efficiency, reach out to us.

Looking for Business Consulting Partner?

We are your business consulting partner and we take pride in doing our job.

Let's Evaluate Your Business

We will review your existing business operations and walk a day in life sceanrio and determine the best business software

  • Whether On-Cloud or On-Premise would fit your business model
  • Whether shared hosting or dedicated hosting works the best
  • Web based or client based application fits your needs and budget.
  • Integrated Ecommerce or third party shopping cart
  • EDI integration withe back office

  • Consulting Services

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/ Business Software

    ERP for Small and Medium Business, we are involved as a team from the very beginging of our call. Our customers have indicated that they are unable to grow and their currenct system is not scaleable and can't compete or rather want to improve overall efficiency. We handle all your woes with easy, our expertise come into play, here is our approach to ERP success.

    I. Pre-Sales
    Our initial call will highlight some of the pain points our customers experience during their business process, whether its not able to get job done faster or missing ERP features or not able to sell online, we will discover the "pain points" across your organization.
    II. Implementation & Support
    Implementation is key to success in ERP software and we bring mammoth team to get this done right, we measure twcie and cut once, we map all our data to begin with and get cracking with imports, integration and training.
    III. Post-Sales
    We continue our support well after we go live and keep the cycle flowing for later updates, patches and upgrades to higher versions or if we encounter newer pain points to scale business or integrate newer systems.

    Ecommerce Strategy

    How do you sell online?
    We leverage the latest online selling techniques based on your products, if you have large collection of inventory, SKU's that are consumer oriented we can work with you to asses your shoppers and come up with a plan to market.

    1. Identify the ecommerce platform - Fully Integrated or Semi-Integration
    2. Build a million dollar website with responsive design targeting all devices
    3. Decide which marketing strategy suits your business - Organic/Paid
    4. Target your audience - Web/Social/Email/Others.
    Third Party Integration

    One Size doesn't fit all and hence requires customization or integration with third party services such as EDI services, integration with warehousing, shipping, taxes and all of these can be achieved.