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Advanced Serial Number Tracking

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Connected Business Advanced Serial Number Tracking

Connected Business Advanced Serial Tracking plugin allows connected business application users to manage serialized inventory tracking with advanced manufacturer serial number tracking.
We automate the process of being able to track all your serial inventory from purchasing to sales so you can avoid costly mistake while doing returns, refunds or warranty of the product.

Advanced serial tracking offers following features

  • Full integrated serial number tracking within Connected Business
  • Inventory management of serialized inventory
  • Recieve goods and allocate serial numbers
  • Search your inventory by serial numbers history

  • "North East Marine wholesale distribution of trailer parts and accessories has been using advanced serial number tracking plugin to track all trailers VIN (Vehicle Identification number) within Connected Business to manage their serialized inventory."

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     Advanced Serial Number Tracking

    Find Serial

    Quickly search and locate based on serial number, you can additional search on inventory item code to locate an item.
    Recieve serialized inventory and update your stock during purchase reciept process.

    Sales Invoice

    Selling made easy, it let's you pick and choose specific serialized inventory item during allocation.

    Serial Tracking

    Serial number history is kept track of when the item was purchased, to whom it was sold and what products are in stock, a clear way to identify and track all your inventory.

    Serial Number Tracking Benefits

    • Track all your Serialized Inventory from Purchase to Sale
    • Ability to look up by Manufacturer Serial number
    • Example – Trailers VIN #, Hard Disk Serial # and many more items
    • Sell serialized inventory items with easy
    • No setup required, just CB plugin
    • Track all emails, phone calls, notes, tasks and activities with customers and vendors all across the application.
    • Updates all your Accounting and Inventory entries including Debit and Credit memo’s
    • Reduce paper work, improves productivity

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