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Acumatica eSignature

Capture digital signature for Proof of delivery.

Acumatica eSignature Plugin is the best way to capture digital/electronic signature within Acumatica and attach it to your documents. Signature capturing is required by distribution companies delivery goods and mode of acceptance as mandated by both the United States Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act, and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA).

The four major requirements for an electronic signature to be recognized as valid under U.S. law. Those requirements are:
  • Intent to sign – Electronic signatures, like traditional wet ink signatures, are valid only if each party intended to sign.
  • Consent to do business electronically
  • Association of signature with the record
  • Record retention – U.S. laws on eSignatures and electronic transactions require that electronic signature records be capable of retention and accurate reproduction for reference by all parties or persons entitled to retain the contract or record.

Proof Of Delivery

Proof of delivery with eSignature lets you to automate your shipment process, improves efficiency, no paper work and best of all you can stay in compliance for HIPAA and other governing rules.

Benefits of Acumatica eSignature for Business:
  • e-Signature acceptance on any documents Sales Order, Invoice, Shipment etc
  • Eliminate paper work and improve productivity
  • Stay in Compliance with HIPAA requirements
  • Email notifications on signature acceptance
  • Signatures embedded on Printed reports
  • Expose signed documents on Business Portal
  • Customize signature capture on any custom Acumatica screens

  • Many proof of delivery and chain of custody processes are largely paper-based, increasing the risk of mistakes, disputes, lost or misplaced shipments. With Acumatica eSignature you can capture digital signature of your customers/vendors and store them in file system and readily accessible within your ERP system.

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    Optimize your distribution shipping needs

    Comparison between DocuSign and eSignature plugin.

    Integrated with Acumatica
    Single User
    No User limitation
    Integrates with Sales Document
    Integrates with Shipment Document
    Emails and notifications
    Attached Signature in reports
    Mobile App accessibility
    In-Person Signature 
    Customization workflow etc
    B2B/Portal Integration
    Pricing License
    Per User
    Yearly/One time fee*
    *Based on your subscription with Acumatica

    Cloud ERP Success Stories


    Korpack is your single-source supplier of standard and custom packaging as well as packaging machinery and automation solutions. Our strategic and comprehensive approach gives you peace of mind knowing that Korpack doesn’t just sell you a box; we provide consultation through every step of the way for cost savings and enhanced productivity.

    Korpack didn't have a solution in place for accepting digital signature other than manual scan the packaging list printout and attach to the document. of Cloud that took precious time and manual process.


    InfoSourcing Inc, an certified Acumatica Cloud Partner in Washington DC Metro experienced in ERP Software, with their understanding of Acumatica Cloud ERP were able to quickly analyize and evaluated Korpack's business, put together eSignature plugin with Acumatica framework, and were able to implement and go live with Acumatica Ver 6.1.


    Korpack was able to save its operations cost and increase productivity of shipments, their drivers drop off shipments and collect electronic signatures via tablet/Amazon Fire and it's done.