ERP Customization Services Plugins, Website skinning and 3rd party integrations

ERP Plugin Customization

We cater to your business requirements, we understand you may not have a perfect solution to run your business, but we can make it happen with little tweaks.

Ecommerce Customization

Want to compete in world wide web, let us help you design your ecommerce strategy. We offer Ecommerce 360, starting from webdesign to SEO, SEM, PPC campaigns, Social media and manage your ecommerce growth.

Third Party Integration

At times you need integrate with third party services to send or recieve data and may need experts to build the bridge. We have done numerous such integrations with Amazon, Ebay, UPS, EDI vendors and tie those services with backend.


Business Specific Customizations

One size doesn't fit all, and you end up with canned templates or general workflow in business practices and your ERP solution might not cater to specific business needs.

We can help you with your business specfic needs so you can operate with your business rules and customizations, instead of what the product offers.

ERP Business Workflow Customizations, Plugins, Custom Reports, and Utilities
Ecommerce 360

We are pinoeer in Ecommerce, we help business with their Ecommerce strategy by indetfying their audience group and targeting them with several different campaigns.

  • Ecommerce Template/Skinning: We customize Ecommerce websites skinning projects to match your existing corporate website or new design.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Our SEO is the best in the industry our innovative plugins can automate your entire product catalog allowing you to target organic traffic. We keep tab on Google's search index changes, follow search engine evolution and keep up with the changes. Our SEO solution has indexed more than 1 million dynamic web pages.
  • Search Engine Marketing: Our SEM is complement to our SEO solution, this allows us to target paid traffic from PPC campaigns such as Google Adwords, MS Adcenter, Affiliate programs, Shopping feeds, multi-channel marketing such as Amazon and Ebay listings and third party listings.

Third Party Integration

Your business needs to scale beyond the box, we step in with our expertise to build bridges that allows your business to communicate and interact with other vendors to get your job done.
We can build interfaces with your vendor through API or SDK services, integrate your EDI Vendor or Shipping services in real time, it could be integrating your business workflow.
We could customize your existing ERP to meet your needs, design new reports, new dashboards, automate workflows using built-in API services from vendor.

In past 10 yrs we have integrated with Amazon API, Ebay SDK, TechData & Ingram Micro feeds, SPS EDI Commerce, Deposco Warehouse management, Ariba network, Google Products, Shopping Feeds network, ShareASale affiliate network, Crystal Reports, UPS, FedEx, Tax Data, Avalara, Constant Contact API and seamlessly bridge the data with Connected Business, Interprise Suite, Acumatica Cloud ERP, QuickBooks, NetSuite, Salesforce, and many more vendors.

Our Methodology - Click on the circles

Plan what you need.

We take 3 step approach, plan, develop and support.
Any customization goes through think-tanks who will sit and figure out your real business requirements, map it to product functionality and brief our development team
Our development works on the specs and get the proto type ready for beta testing.

Develop your product or service.

Our development works on the specs and get the proto type ready for beta testing, once approved and perfected we deploy our custom solution.

Stand by your work.

We then back our customizations with our "wow" support so our customers don't feel left out and ensure it works when you upgrade to higher version. We complete full life cycle for all our customizations..