ERP Implementation and Support Services

We offer Implementation services for following ERP products, we are resellers (Solution providers) with expertise and certified by the ERP vendor to do such installations and configurations.

Connected Business Implementation
Connected Business

Connected Business aka Interprise Suite is powerful hybrid solution with capability to deploy Client-Server over the LAN or on the Cloud. We have Implementaiton packages for Migration or fresh installs.

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Acumatica Implementation
Acumatica Cloud ERP

Acumatica Cloud ERP is web based ERP solution runs entirelyon your browser and we can deploy in SaaS environment or on-premise with dedicated server hosting.

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The most important phase of ERP is "Implementation", we measure twice and cut once.

Implementation Services

-- We know one size doesn't fit all, so we offer various packages that fit your business model and budget.
Foundation Implementation
Foundation Implementation Package

Our introductory Foundation package fits small business who are getting started with ERP for their business switchign from accounting software to basic ERP system.

This package allows us to install and configure the basic chart of accounts (COA), accoutning fundamentals and few Sales and Purchasing structure to get your business operational and off the ground.

Business Implementation Package
Business Implementation Package

One size doesn't fit all, and you end up with canned templates or general workflow in business practices and your ERP solution might not cater to specific business needs.

In our Basic Implementation Package We can help you with your business specfic needs so you can operate with your business rules and workflows, import data in specific formats, configure custom COA.

Create custom reports, logo attachments, setup banking, accounting, CRM, ecommerce website and credit card transactions making sure everything is ready to go live up and running within 3-6 mths of time frame.

Advanced Custom Implementation Package
Advanced Implementation Package

Your business needs to scale beyond the box, we step in with our expertise to map such data when migrating from third party non-integrated systems or other ERP solutions. We will be your consultant till we get the job done.

We import data from your previous solution to new ERP based on their data schemas and configure existing system to your business needs. In our advanced package we cover all your custom meta data, map and import them to respective fields in the new system. We will train your staff memebers as we implement the solution we also offer additional training on-site if required.

You may need advanced package implementation if your business needs customization to the product, import compelx data, transactional data or any other specific needs. It would take anywhere from 6-12 months of implementation time frame for such complex migration.

Our Methodology - Click on the circles

Plan what you need.

We take 3 step approach, plan, develop and support.
Any customization goes through think-tanks who will sit and figure out your real business requirements, map it to product functionality and brief our development team
Our development works on the specs and get the proto type ready for beta testing.


Our implementation team works on the mapped data and specific ERP check list and get the data imported, configured so we can start testing the system, we will do minor tweaks, backup and repeat the process if required.

Test and Go Live.

We let our customers test the system once its ready, so they can run business sceanrios and ensure all data is intact and they understand the workflow to manage their business with new systems. Once ready we finalize the go live date.

Test & Live