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50% cheaper than its competitors, 100% reliable SSL certificates.

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Secure Socket Layer - SSL Certificates

InfoSourcing provides small and medium business the power of securing their websites with SSL products for simple static websites to transaction based e-Commerce websites and protect your websites from fraud, virus, spam and others.

 Need security? Think InfoSourcing's Instant SSL

Now that you have bought your domain name you need to think about maintaining the security of your ecommerce and the trust of your customers. We partner with the Internet security specialists Comodo to bring you the InstantSSL range of certificates:

* Full two-stage validation process
* 128 bit industry-standard encryption
* 99.3% browser recognition for maximum compatibility
* Up to 3 years lifetime
* Industry leading customer care - telephone, email and web
* Up to $250,000 warranty
* 30 day money back guarantee
* 30 day free replacement & revocation policy

Starting from just $99 you get industry-leading performance, at industry-leading prices. Don't just take our word for it - we're offering you a FREE products bundle to get you started!
Which Product Is Right For You?


Comodo SSL Certificates

  1. EV SGC SSL From $474.00 /yr
  2. EV SSL From $359.00 /yr
  3. Comodo SGC Wildcard From $487.95 /yr
  4. Premium SSL Wildcard From $334.95 /yr
  5. Comodo SGC From $162.95 /yr
  6. Instant SSL Premium From $116.95 /yr
  7. Instant SSL Pro From $89.95 /yr
  8. Instant SSL From $64.95 /yr
  9. Essential SSL From $51.95 /yr
Free SSL Certificate Get it now !

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SSL Certificate Comparisons
  Instant SSL Verisign Thawte GeoTrust
SSL with EV $474 per yr $1347 per yr $559 per yr $786 per yr
  Why Buy From Us?

 InfoSourcing is authorized reseller of Comodo products and we carry their products, we will provide you with good rates, support and service and also implement SSL certificates on your server. As part of our e-Business solution we would like to offer our clients SSL solution to protect your servers and e-business.


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