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June, 2006
Google Checkout new unified checkout processGoogle Checkout, is the unified checkout for all the e-Commerce websites providing faster and easier checkout process for shoppers and boosting consumers confidence.
It provides small and medium business any opportunity to use Google's checkout process and be able to sell without any hassles, integrating Google Payments with Google checkout is a double edge sword battle against PayPal/eBay's solution.
March, 2006
						data feed management servicesShopping feeds and comparison shopping engine, is one of the ways to achieve high traffic to your e-commerce website apart from PPC and organic results.
January, 2006
Google Analytics, do you have th G-force in youGoogle Analytics is the ultimate reporting tool for many small and medium businesses. It allows corporate, marketing or e-commerce websites the ability to trace and track web-traffic and watch their costly investments in a snap. InfoSourcing can tailor Google Analytics to meet your specific needs.
October, 2005


PPCall model is once again re-invented to boost small and medium business to take advantage of internet surfers, the new model allows business owners to advertise on search engine but this time allowing shoppers to dial in through 1-800-XXX-XXXX(toll free) numbers and complete the transaction.

August, 2005

Compare Affiliate Software

Affiliate Software reviewsCompare Affiliate Software - Compare affiliate software's at a click of a button, this site provides in-depth analysis of affiliate software and its features for free.  
July 2005

Evolving User Interface

- Author: Harsha Sarjapur
User Interface, one of the widely discussed subject these days after search engines. Every software development team either hires a UI specialist or consults an expert to design the next best killer application. As more and more users log onto the net, user base tends to grow and new technologies evolve, web developers and designers are left with very little time to cope up with new techniques in user interface. Thus a new wave of User Interface issues has occurred in the software development life cycle.... Read more
June 2005

GOOGLE Sitemap

Google® recently launched a new web service called Google® SiteMaps to allow Googlebot's (Google's Webbot) to crawl web sites that are submitted to their engines. It allows developers, business owners and webmasters to take advantage by submitting URLs to Google's spider for faster indexing of links and pages of their website.

About Author:
Harsha Sarjapur is co-founder of InfoSourcing Inc, devoted to providing outsourcing solution to small and medium business. He is tech-savvy in the field of product and project management with a patent pending in search engine optimization for e-commerce websites.  He can be reached at

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