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Google Analytics - Do you have the G-force in you?
Google Analytics is the ultimate reporting tool for many small and medium businesses. It gives corporate, marketing or e-commerce websites the ability to trace and track web-traffic and watch their costly investments in a snap. InfoSourcing can tailor Google Analytics to meet your specific needs.

G-force, the Google force, let’s us look at some of the features and how it would help small and medium business.

 Features of Google Analytics

Google Analytics dashboard screenshot
  1. Upon configuring your account and setting up the right parameters your dashboard starts to populate data with graphs and statistics and provides 3 main views – Executive, Marketer and Webmaster
  2. It allows you to add as many websites you want to manage under each domain and further to sub-domains.
  3. You could track all your investments made on Google Ad words directly by configuring and measuring the highest ROI paid keyword and helps you to decide which keywords are paying off the highest returns
  4. Implement G-force for your e-Commerce/shopping cart application by plugging in the tracking code and customizing or populating the order information directly into G-force. This enables you to view the ROI factor for your e-commerce at finger tips.
  5. You can track downloads made from your website at easy, you can track if visitors clicked on your flash, audio or video files and if they played to listen to it
  6. You can track and trace outbound links from your site, important for affiliate tracking
  7. Set your goals for your website and measure its success by tracking the flow of traffic
    • For instance: If you have a marketing based websites, you could set a goal "G1" if the visitor dropped into your website, viewed your product and requested for a Quote/Contact information then you achieved your goal.
    • You can watch your sales funnel and it clearly shows how many of them dropped off the funnel or completed the submission form.
  8. You can also view how well your website is performing online, what kind of users are accessing, alarmingly 80% of visitors on my website are using Cable/DSL and only 12% of them use dial up, this allows you to make decision whether to use a Flash/image on home page for speed and performance issues.
  9. Is your website receiving traffic from search engines organically or through advertisements, whether locally or internationally, word of mouth or referral from other sites? You have answer to all these questions from Google Analytics
  10. Google Analytics, your G-force for online business

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