JewelShop - Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands & Jewelry Solution.

Acumatica JewelShop

Acumatica JewelShop a complete business software to manage your Jewelry manufacturing, retail and wholesale operations.

Acumatica JewelShop, is Acumatica Cloud ERP extension to manage your core Jewelry business with financial accounting, distribution, CRM, eCommerce and retail sales.

JewelShop features include:

  • Search inventory by product attributes such as color, clarity, cut
  • Consignment Memo's
  • Sales and returns of jewelery products
  • Integration with third party system Rapaport and GIA

Acumatica JewelShop, complete jewelry ERP software

Your Complete Jewelry Software for Manufacturing and wholesale business.

Manage Jewelry Inventory


Manage your jewelry (purchased, manufactured) style and serial/stock inventory with ease. With Jewelshop, you can categorize and track your inventory sales and returns.

Loose Diamonds

JewelShop managed loose and lot code diamonds separately. Customize & search on diamond attributes such as color, cut, clarity, size and status.
Integrate with RapNet/Rapaport and GIA for diamond pricing and certificates.


Track all precious gemstones in your inventory, categorize and manage custom attributes.
Searching capabilities by specific attributes such as color, collection makes it easier to locate.

Acumatica JewelShop Features

Integrated work flow for Jewelry Manufacturing

Acumatica JewelShop - Jewelry, Diamond and Gemstones Search

Jewelry/Diamond/Gemstones Search Screen

  • Custom search capabilities for Jewelry, Diamonds and Gemstones
  • Search Serial/stock data or Style/SKU data
  • Filter on attributes based on search category
  • Filter diamonds by Color, Clarity and Cut
  • Look up by collection, category and sizes
  • View sold inventory and pricing information
  • Search with images and product information
  • Optimized for searching in the cloud
  • Custom keyword search and many more features

Inventory Style/Stock Attributes

  • Manage attributes for Jewelry, Diamonds and Gemstones required by Jewelry inddustry
  • Style (SKU) and Stock (Serial) level attributes
  • Searching capabilities across attributes
  • Import custom attributes data
  • Manage wholesale, retail price and cost information per Style/Serial level
  • Upload multiple images per style and serial level
  • Pricing genie methodology and automation.

Consignment Memo In and Out

This module allows you to send merchandise/goods to customer on returnable basis. When material is sent on Memo, its inventory is shipped from Memo warehouse to identify in-house goods.
Memo products can either sell or be sent it back/return. Process screens allows to process sold and returned goods to reflect in Inventory.
  • Consignment flag to track Consigned goods Vs Owned goods
  • Create Memo In through Purchase Receipt
  • Create Sale of Consignment goods
  • Process Consignment Return to Vendor (RTV)
  • Create Memo Out transfer document
  • Manage multiple warehouse for In-hand and Memo's products
  • Process Consignment Memo Out Sales and Returns
  • Automated Consignment process within Acumatica framework

Custom Reports, Dashboards and Inquiries

  • Consignment Memo In/Out reports
  • Custom Generic Inquiries
  • Print Tags, brochure and other reports
  • Shipping and receiving labels
  • Email notifications and automation built-in
  • Custom browser (generic inquiries) to find relevant documents
  • Custom dashboards and KPI's

Third-party Integration - GIA, Rapaport link

This functionality manages all diamond requirements. Maintains required attributes. Takes care of Rapaport and GIA integration.
  • Loose diamonds grading
  • Updates color, clarity, shape, fluorescence and other attributes
  • Record other grading lab information
  • Attach lab report to serial/stock item
  • Rapnet Integration for diamond pricing
  • Sync real time Rapaport price list
  • Pricing genie for Diamond pricing
  • Ability to create diamonds from Rapaport list.

Acumatica JewelShop Cloud ERP

Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands & Jewelry.
Family Owned Since 1907.

Coming soon in 2019.
Acumatica JewelShop, complete jewelry ERP software

Your Complete Jewelry Software for Manufacturing and wholesale business.

More Integrated Features:
  • Images for Style and Serial level
  • Inventory Price Tags
  • Price CODE Mask
  • Pricing Genie
  • Auto and Manual pricing
  • Markup pricing for wholesale and retail prices
  • Price rounding option
  • *Integration with Acumatica Manufacturing Edition
  • Auto Pricing of Manufactured item
  • Multiple warehouse management for consignment
  • Integrated with Financial Accounting and Distribution modules
  • Manage item cost, memo cost, wholesale and retail prices at serial level
  • Version 2017 R2, upgrade available to 2018 R2

    Control Inventory

    Having the right inventory is key - Track and manage this critical business asset.
    The accuracy of inventory is improved by automating the purchasing, receiving, issuing, and in some cases, the return of all inventory items. With Acumatica Cloud ERP, the entire process can be tailored through the built-in workflow to even include workflow approvals for requisitions.

    Increase Productivity

    Having the right inventory is key - Track and manage this critical business asset.
    Advanced Cloud ERP solutions like Acumatica deliver full-function, flexible, fully-integrated enterprise-class order processing, CRM, operations management, and accounting—all tailored to the needs of growing small and mid-size businesses.

    Connect Anywhere

    Having the right inventory is key - Track and manage this critical business asset.
    Acumatica is one set of code, with one look-and-feel, that will run on any device with a browser, anywhere, anytime and on any device. With responsive design your ERP can scale from small device such as smartphone to big device such as TV's.

    Adapt to Change

    Conquer complexity and deliver on your promises to your customers.
    Acumatica is truly a modern ERP solution that integrates all these technologies with the front office and back office to automate your processes, assist you in planning for the future and provide real-time dashboards so you can visualize the current results anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

    Improve Cash Flow

    Be responsive to customers while managing fulfillment and cash flow.
    Customer orders can be automated in many ways including websites, phone orders and even point-of-sale devices. Once the order is in the system, accurate availability to ship and specific discounted item price can be provided.

    Respond Quickly

    Position your company for Growth with Excellent Customer Service.
    360-degree view of all customer activities. The ability to see a customer’s interaction in the buying and supporting of your product is tremendously valuable. It improves response time, customer satisfaction and accurate billing and also reduces support costs.


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